How to remove a blocked Global Payroll Run Control

By | June 13, 2018

This post covers options for dealing with the following PeopleSoft, Global Payroll process (GPPDPRUN) error:

User %1 has started or scheduled a run for all groups using Run Control %2.

This error is caused by another process that is running or blocked/locked/stuck.

The following scenarios will cause this error:

  • If the payroll process is in progress, subsequent attempts to run the process will result in this error.
  • If the payroll process fails/runs to error, subsequent attempts to run the process will result in this error.

The first step is to resolve the issue that is causing the initial process to fail with an error.

After resolving the cause of the issue, there are a couple of options for unblocking the queue:

Option 1 – Restart the stock/locked process

Depending on the initial cause of the issue, the following can be used to unblock the queue:

  • Restart the stuck process instance.
  • Delete the process instance; run the payroll “Cancel” process; then re-Identify & Calculate.

Note: these actions are likely to require access via the User Profile that ran the initial process.

Option 2 – Delete the locked Run Control

Sometimes it may not be possible to access the User Profile that generated the initial process instance.  For example, the user may not be available or the process was initiated by a Batch or System user profile.

In this case the blocking/stuck Run Control must be removed using a SQL Client to delete the Run Control from the “PS_GP_RUNCTL” table.  For example:


After the locked Run Control is removed, it should be possible to re-calculate using another Run Control.

Note: This solution should be used as a last resort and is not recommended for production situations.

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