Identifying a Record/Field name from a Page control

Sometimes it is necessary to know the Table and Field name associated with a text box or control on displayed on a PeopleSoft Page. Here’s a few ways to identify the table/field: “Inspect Element” Right click the control for which you want to know the table/field name. Select “Inspect” In the “Elements” tab of the… Read More »

Absence Management/Leave Queries

I frequently get requests to report absences.  Most Absences are administered using Absence Management.  However, extended leave requests/absences are typically administered via Job Data, which is more difficult to extract. This is a relatively simple to extract Global Payroll absence events using the “PS_GP_ABS_EVENT” record.  For example the following SQL Script: SELECT c.EMPLID, c.EMPL_RCD, c.NAME,… Read More »

PeopleSoft Self Service Payments

I was recently involved in the design and development of a very useful new piece of functionality for PeopleSoft Global Payroll.  The “Self Service Payment Add-On” (SSP) enables employees to submit payment requests directly into PeopleSoft.  Requests are then routed for a approval before being posted directly to Positive Input or Element Assignment. SSP is… Read More »

Global Payroll Setup Performance Hacks

The performance of the Global Payroll configuration Components can be very slow, particularly when working in an environment with a large amount of payroll results.  I was recently unable to create a new Accumulator in a client’s environment.  Everytime I tried to change the Accumulator to “Use Corrective” checkbox the Component timed out!   Here’s some… Read More »

Select Recipient at Element Assignment

Assigning a Deduction Recipient to an Earning or Deduction at Employee level using the “Payee Data > Net Pay / Recipient Elections > Add Deduction Recipients” Component works, but there’s an easier way that improves usability for payroll administrators. Here’s how to configure a solution that allows Deduction Recipients to be selected from Element Assignment, using… Read More »

How to Prevent Submission of Ineligible Absence Requests

I have worked at a number of PeopleSoft, Global Payroll sites that customized the Self Service Component/s to prevent Employees and/or Managers from submitting an Ineligible Absence Request.  Here’s how to present an Error if an Ineligible Absence Request is submitted via Self Service, without customization: Use the “Maintain Text Catalog” Component to create an… Read More »

PeopleSoft Selective Adoption

I had the pleasure of attending the PeopleSoft Partner Summit last week. One of the topics covered was “Selective Adoption”. Selective Adoption represents a major shift in the way the PeopleSoft is “kept current”. No more major upgrades! Version 9.2 will be the last “versioned” release of PeopleSoft. The version number will be redundant within… Read More »