Outsourcing & Off-shoring: The Cost of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation

As any auditor will tell you: controls, processes and procedures are the secret to mitigating risk and ensuring regulatory compliance. Organisations are like a garden shed, they start off clean and tidy, but have a tendency to accumulate clutter as successive projects, reorganisation and management changes add layer upon layer of controls and processes. Controls,… Read More »

Calendar View: PS_SCH_CLND_VW

The “PS_SCH_CLND_VW” view shows Schedule Details by calendar day, including Shift ID, Workday day and Scheduled Hours. This is very useful for Arrays that require schedule details.  It is equally useful for analysis of payroll/absence results (e.g. Forecasting validation) The following SQL shows an example of its use: SELECT DUR, SCHED_HRS FROM PS_SCH_CLND_VW WHERE SCHEDULE_ID… Read More »

Documentation Tool

One of the best ways to document GP Configuration is to put an explanation into the “Comments” of the Elements.  This makes it easier for those who follow in your foot sets to understand the configuration without looking in archives and searching through documents formatted by Project Managers who think paper grows on trees :-P. However, I… Read More »

“Ctrl J” in Google Chrome

I haven’t posted for ages.  But I found a workaround that is worth sharing. For those of you that like to use Google Chrome (I do, it’s fast). You may have found that the “Ctrl J” sequence doesn’t work, as this is the shortcut key for the Chrome downloads page. I have found a simple… Read More »

Setting up Mass Triggers

Mass Triggers are new to version 8.9 and are useful in triggering retrospective calculation when setup tables are changed. For example, if an allowance rate is changed retrospectively Mass Triggers can be used create Iterative and Retro triggers for Employees who have the Earning assigned via EDAP. Unfortunately, the process of creating Mass Triggers is… Read More »

Instant HR Manual, just add water and Hey Presto!

I came across an interesting software application for generating a “Manager/Supervisor Manual”. I would be interested to hear if anyone has used it. http://www.gneil.com/products/employee-handbook-software/default.aspx Tags: hrmanual, policies, procedures, software, hr