Global Payroll Setup Performance Hacks

By | November 7, 2016

The performance of the Global Payroll configuration Components can be very slow, particularly when working in an environment with a large amount of payroll results.  I was recently unable to create a new Accumulator in a client’s environment.  Everytime I tried to change the Accumulator to “Use Corrective” checkbox the Component timed out!


Here’s some hacks to resolve these issues:


Comment out the line seen below from the GP_PIN.PIN_NUM, RowInit PeopleCode.



Comment out the lines seen below from the GP_ACCUMULATOR.CALC_TYPE, FieldChange PeopleCode.



Comment out the lines seen below from the GP_ACCUMULATOR.CORR_RTO_IND, FieldChange PeopleCode.



Comment out the lines seen below from the GP_ACCUMULATOR.ENTRY_TYPE_USER_K1, FieldFormula PeopleCode.



These “Hacks” disable validation.  I would recommend caution, as the validation is there for a reason.  Only make these changes in your development environment and ensure your configuration is thoroughly tested before putting it into production environments.