Select Recipient at Element Assignment

By | June 13, 2016

Assigning a Deduction Recipient to an Earning or Deduction at Employee level using the “Payee Data > Net Pay / Recipient Elections > Add Deduction Recipients” Component works, but there’s an easier way that improves usability for payroll administrators.

Here’s how to configure a solution that allows Deduction Recipients to be selected from Element Assignment, using a simple Formula and “Configuration by Element”:

Start by creating a simple Character Variable:

New Character Variable

A simple Formula is required to return the Variable to the Deduction:

New Formula

The Formula is then added to the Deduction, Recipient Formula:

Deduction Recipient

Now we configure “Configuration by Element”:

Select the Deduction and add the new Variable.

Config by Element 1

Select “Edit Type”, “Prompt” and select a View to be used.  In this example the delivered View named “RECIPIENT_I_VW” as been used, but you can create your own as required.

Config by Element 2

The finished result!  Deduction Recipients can now be selected directly from Element Assignment.

Element Assignment